Texas Relays and the Black Cultural and Health Festival

With the bipolar weather of this past March (it snowed during Spring Break), and the assuredly unbipolar weather we can expect from a Texas summer, April will possibly be the only month until October with pleasant weather from beginning to end. With this in mind, here are some things to mark on your calendar for the month of April in Austin.

April Third and Fourth: Texas Relays and the Black Cultural and Health Festival
Texas Relays is an 83 year old invitational track meet for high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. An estimated 50,000+ spectators and athletes are expected descend upon Austin next week to take part in the event. While I realize our readers will probably not participate in the competition, it will be a great way for recreational runners to see the pros.

The Black Cultural and Health Festival is intended to “promote educational, social events and workshops/seminars that highlight the significant contributions of African American’s in the areas of  culture, fine arts, education and health related issues.” The relays are very popular in the Black community, earning the nickname Black Mardi Gras.

With this in mind, community leaders organized a festival to highlight and educate visitors about Austin’s African-American community. “People come here from out of town to do the same things. Sixth Street, the mall, Sixth Street, the mall. We’ve got something different now,” Huston-Tillotson track and field coach Harvey Ware said to News 8 Austin.  Whether you are watching the pros or checking out the activities, these two events are great outdoor fun.

On Tuesday I will talk about a great event later in April, the Paralympic Experience, so be sure to check back for that.

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  1. I actually attended the Texas Relays back in my sophomore year and enjoyed just watching the pure athletic ability of these young kids. While it was fun to watch, it is absolutely HECTIC with all the traffic and number of people that attended! Beware the traffic!


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