SXSW flashback

While spring break and the South By Southwest festival are now just a distant memory of one or two weeks ago, I thought I might relive some memories for you. It’s kind of like getting a Christmas card in January. Yeah, it’s late, and you really don’t care about Christmas spirit anymore, but it’s always fun getting real mail. Plus, it’s always fun to read the yearly updates (“Tommy broke his leg, Sally is on Honor Roll, Uncle Phil went back to jail…).

Friday afternoon and evening I mostly wandered around on Sixth Street, so I will just show a glimpse of that.

I can’t remember the name of this band, but I love how there’s another band just chilling in the background, waiting for a spot on the street corner.

It had started getting a little chilly, but everyone was still outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

One band that really stuck out to me was The Coal Porters, an “Alternative Bluegrass” band from the United Kingdom. Check out their SXSW interview here. They were so much fun, and they had a great sound. Maybe it helps that I grew up listening to bluegrass, but the crowd on the corner seemed to enjoy them a lot as well. Plus, the Scottish guy on the guitar had the most splendid accent. Here’s a clip:

They were random and talented, and very fun to watch! Did you stumble across any gems during SXSW?

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  1. I was out of town during most of SXSW but managed to make it back for the Pretty Lights show on Saturday night. For anyone else that missed most of SXSW, I would recommend looking at the Huffington Post’s coverage. ( I found it to be the most useful resource, especially if you want to read about the best panels and performances during SXSW.


  2. Posted by dluippold on April 5, 2010 at 11:26 am

    It is also interesting Interactive tickets outsold music ones for the first time, somebody I follow referred to it as “spring Break for the internet” which I think is pretty fair summary.


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