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Thursday workout tip (on a Friday!)

I wanted to apologize to all of the loyal fans who love our Thursday workout tips, I had an emergency issue come up this week that needed tending to. That being said, even if it’s late, I wanted to bring all of you a weekly tip. This week’s workout tip is… medicine balls!

That's right! (Appropriated via Creative Commons)

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the countless abdominal exercises that can be done with medicine balls (I’m equally sure many of you have tried them). But there is so much more to medicine balls! Lucky for us, you can add medicine balls to pretty much any bodyweight exercise to increase your workload. Doing pushups? Place your hands on a pair of medicine balls to increase balance, stabilizer activation and the work on your pectorals. Bodyweight squats? Quick, grab a medicine ball!

She's got the right idea (via Creative Commons)

But perhaps the best use of medicine balls is with plyometrics because of their lightweight and versatile nature. You know the padded multi-use room at the Rec Center on campus? Grab a medicine ball and throw it as hard as you can at the padded wall for 30 seconds. Rest and repeat for three sets. Try some box jumps or core exercises with the added resistance of a medicine ball and see your results skyrocket.

This is called a wood chopper— not only do you look great doing one, but your core muscles will thank you (via Creative Commons)

So next time you have a case of the old workout blues, grab a medicine ball, put on a smile and burn some calories.


‘Pro Lacrosse. Blowout Concert. One Event.’

LXM PRO is the only tour of its kind in the world today. By combining a music festival and professional lacrosse featuring the world’s top players, LXM PRO introduces lacrosse to mainstream audiences and brings a fresh look to one of America’s oldest sports.

LXM PRO launched in Orange County on Nov. 21 with LXM 949. The next stop on the tour is LXM 512 on April 10 in Austin. LXM 512 will take place at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and includes the following events:

12 p.m.- Professional Lacrosse Clinic

1 p.m.- College Rivalry Lacrosse Game: UT vs. Texas A&M

4 p.m.- LXM PRO Showcase Game: 40 of World’s Best Lacrosse Players Compete

6 p.m.- Live performance by Carolina Liar, plus all-day performances by Austin’s own L.A.X and The Bright Light Social Hour

If you’re not convinced yet, check out this YouTube video recap of the LXM PRO event in Orange County:

For tickets and more information, go to Tickets prices range from $30-75. Check back to see photos, mobile updates and video footage from this weekend’s event in Austin.

Final post on Austin golf

I hope you all have enjoyed our class blog on staying active in Austin. We’ve had a lot of fun covering the different ways you can have fun while staying healthy around our beautiful city. I hope you’ve found our site interesting and insightful. Until next time, goodbye world.


This is the last blog post of my first blog. Hopefully, to quote Winston Churchill “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”


Here are some updates on some of my postings:


  • One of my first posts was about not keeping meat in my apartment for lent and health reasons…yeah, that lasted about a week.
  • Diddo for that whole “morning run” thing. (do people say diddo anymore?)
  • Texas Relay weekend went off without any  semblance last year’s controversy.
  • You can still sign up for the Longhorn Run, and you really should.

Overall, I learned even a short, seemingly simple blog post can take a tremendous amount of effort and energy, which is appropriate given the subject of this blog I suppose. My fellow bloggers were excellent at going outside their comfort zones and interviewing people. If I could do the blog again, I would budget my time better so I could do more journalistic interview work like they did.


As far as fitness goes, I honestly think we are on the right track. Obviously obesity is a major epidemic and must be addressed, but I think society has bottomed out and finally realized how easy and important it is to stay active.


I hope everybody enjoyed my postings, and hopefully the blogging bug will stick with me once this is done.