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Face it, unless an Austin athlete’s uniform sports a burnt orange bovine looking sort of like an expanded flux capacitor, you probably don’t pay attention.

However, there are several other non-Longhorn Austin teams with entertaining games and cheaper tickets.

The Austin Toros

The Austin Toros are the D-League affiliate for the San Antonio Spurs. Aside from being the name of a league I will one day own and name after myself, the D-League is the development league, where NBA prospects learn a team’s system and hone their skills before joining the franchise in the NBA. The 5 year old Austin Toros play at the Austin Convention Center . They have a dance team, the Capital City Dancers and a mascot, Da Bull

The Toros aren’t bad either. At 32-18 they are second in the Western Conference, next to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, the Houston Rockets’ D-League team. The Toros face the Dakota Wizards this weekend in the first round of the playoffs. Apparently not only do people live in the Dakotas, but they play basketball too.

Fun Fact: The Dakota Wizards feature former Texas star Connor Atchley.

If basketball isn’t your thing, you can get your hockey fix with the

Texas Stars

The Texas Stars are an American League hockey team affiliated with the Dallas Stars. The team, which is completing its first  season, plays at the new Cedar Park Center in Cedar Park. The team doesn’t have a dance team or SNL-based, lawsuit waiting to happen, mascot like the Toros, but they do commandeer Austin’s English and Spanish ESPN radio stations for live game coverage for reasons beyond comprehension. They are currently engulfed in the Lone Star Faceoff against Houston and San Antonio’s minor league teams.

Last, my very favorite non-Longhorn Austin team

The Austin Turfcats

The Austin Turfcats are a brand-new member of the Indoor Football League. They are pretty new so there is not a whole lot to say, except there are few sports more entertaining than arena, erg, I mean, indoor football. Like the Toros, and unlike the Stars, The Turfcats have a dance team, The Lady Cats, (though I prefer the Cat Ladies) and mascot that is a combination of a feline and a type of flooring.

The Turfcats are Austin’s fourth try at an indoor football team. Seeing as they play at the Luedecke Arena nice are far away from downtown, and lost their home opener by 49 points, you may want to catch them before their gone

For those of you who enjoy semi-professional sports, here are three teams you can check out in Austin. Who knows, maybe someday one of these players will be a star.

3 responses to this post.

  1. “Apparently not only do people live in the Dakotas, but they play basketball too.” That makes me smile. 🙂


  2. The name of the Toros mascot is cracking me up, “Da Bull!” Anyways, honestly wasn’t even aware of these teams. I wouldn’t mind going to see a hockey game here and having a local team to cheer on. And an indoor football league? Who knew? This post gave some useful information that I would have never gone out and searched for on my own.


  3. I had never heard of the TurfCats before, but I think I knew some of their previous incarnations. They sound just as terrible as the others too. Also, I was excited when I heard the Stars were moving to Cedar Park, but still haven’t made the effort to go see them. But pro hockey is definitely a step up from the Ice Bats.


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