Tackling the 10k

I would just like to inform everyone that strawberries are cheap right now since there is a whole late crop coming in. Go buy some. They’re healthy and delicious.

In other news… the Capitol 10k is this Sunday. It’s not too late to sign up!

Forecast for Sunday

The weather promises to be perfect – not too hot and not too cold. And though I hate doing it for class and work, I’m itching to wake up early and run throughout the streets of this beautiful city. People have different methods for completing the 6.2 miles, though.

My sister, a gym rat but not a runner, has informed me that she is determined to make no unscheduled stops or slow-downs for the duration of the run. I promised her we could stop halfway through for a brief water break. She also vowed to keep up with me, and there is no way I would leave my sister behind when we were supposed to run together. I made no promises as to my speed, however…

Liz C. is not a runner either, but she’s a little nervous about the 10k. The farthest she has run lately is maybe one or two miles. Her friend convinced her to sign up, and she can’t back down now. She’s just crossing her fingers and hoping she can get through it without stopping too many times (or collapsing partway through).

Anna S. had mentally prepared to run with her friend, but she held off on actually signing up for the race. She wasn’t able to train, however, so she didn’t feel ready to tackle a whole 10k. She decided not to run after all.

Lauren M. can’t wait to run the 10k. She ran the Austin Half Marathon in February, so this will be a piece of cake. Anything to get out and run with some exciting surroundings and lots of other people!

Are you running the Capitol 10k? How do you plan to tackle it?

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