Biking to Work: Pt. II

In a previous post, I talked about the benefits of riding your bike to work/school as well as how to plan your route. However, an equally important aspect of being a cyclist is what to do with your bike once you reach your destination (especially if you’re commuting to campus).

Bike theft is big problem on the University of Texas campus (and in Austin in general, as the City is one of the worst when it comes to two-wheel thievery).

Don't end up like this guy

Luckily, the University offers some great tools to help you combat bike theft. Aside from registering your bike with Parking & Transportation Services, and using a high-grade lock, you can also rent a bicycle locker on campus if you so desire that level of security.

Bike lockers are a great way to store your ride while on campus

Bike lockers are available at the Brazos, Guadalupe, Manor, San Antonio, San Jacinto, Speedway and Trinity garages. It costs $50 per year to rent a locker, plus a $50 deposit for a key that you’ll get back at the end of your lease. If you’d like to get a locker or find out more, head over to the PTS main office at the Trinity Garage (@ the corner of Trinity and MLK) or simply email

Don’t forget that you can stop by ANY University garage and use a bike pump, free of charge— simply inquire at a garage’s teller window for one. There is ample space to ride and lock-up your bike around campus, so just remember to be smart and exercise good judgement when using and parking your ride.

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  1. UTPD also recommends using two bike locks instead of just one. Most bike thieves apparently carry around one kind of tool to break locks, but they don’t usually have both kinds. I forgot which locks they recommend, but when they do their safety talks, they include a description of the 2-lock method.


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