Thursday workout tip: Speed training

In the process of training for this year’s Cap 10K, I’ve been getting into some speed training with one of my running friends. Speed training is an important part of most runner’s training regimes, and it really complements anyone’s endurance training by making you a more complete athlete. It can also help with muscle imbalances in your quadriceps and glutes. In short, if you’re a runner and you don’t speed train right now, you should seriously consider it.



This guy probably speed trains.

Here’s a sample speed-training workout (thanks Karen!) that’s very simple and easy to remember when you’re out at the track:

  • Warm-up distance: 1 mile @ 50-60% full-speed
  • First circuit: 1 mile @ 80%, 1 mile @ 65%
  • Second circuit: 1 mile @ 90%, 1 mile @ 70%
  • Cool-down: 1 mile @ 50%



You can adjust the distances depending on your level of fitness (I’d recommend halving it to 0.5 miles each if you’re just starting out) and add multiple circuits if you want more of a challenge. One interesting twist is to make it a ladder circuit, where you build up to a max-speed circuit (95-100% for 1 mile, followed by 80% for 1 mile) and then slow back down until you reach the original 80%/65% circuit.

Speed training is just one element in a complete workout regime. Check in every week for a Thursday workout tip to round out your own training!

3 responses to this post.

  1. I really like this post and found it to be very useful. I’m a runner but don’t speed train, but I definitely agree with you and think it would be helpful for any runner to try speed training.


  2. This post was definitely informative and helpful as somebody who exercises without the proper information. I didn’t know that you could “speed train” like this and will definitely try it the next time I go running


  3. Posted by dluippold on March 29, 2010 at 12:15 am

    I like how you treat speed training like lifting weights, with percentages of effort and things of that sort. I also run regularly but never try speed training. Maybe I will, and write about it.


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