Singin’ in the rain? Not anymore!

Winter is finally on its way out, and though temperatures can get a little chilly in the morning, the sun has been consistently warming the afternoons. People in offices and classrooms everywhere have begun gazing out the windows with longing. With a forecast like this, all hope for studious diligence goes out the window:

Not too hot, not too cold, not too blustery and not too wet. Runners, golfers and small children are coming out of the woodworks to enjoy these precious moments – the few weeks out of the year when Austin weather is tolerable, even enjoyable.

I asked several people what activity they most wanted to do outside in the gorgeous weather. I got a wide range of responses, but they all made me want to run outside immediately.

Reading and napping – Barbara C.

Tennis – Rebecca D.

Motorcycle – Bobby T.

Ultimate frisbee – Jessi M.

Dog park – Kate M.

Swinging on a playground – Caitlin C.

I work in an office with a large window that spans an entire wall. My desk faces this window, and all I can think of nowadays while watching the sun shine just beyond my reach is how much I want to be outside. Playing volleyball barefoot on a sand court, if you wanted to know.

The forecast looks beautiful for the entire week, so don’t sit back and just let it pass by. Make some room in your schedule and go enjoy the outdoors, even if that just means shopping at The Domain.

What outdoor activity does this weather make you want to skip class or call in sick for?

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  1. If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity to try on a sunny day, see my post about kayaking and conoeing:


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