Keeping healthy on the road

Hello to our throngs of loyal fans. I’m on the road again, playing a trio of games with the Texas lacrosse team in Southern California. Santa Barbara is beautiful right now, the weather is perfect, but roadtrips mean lots of fast food and cramped conditions in multiple hotel rooms– not the most ideal conditions for anyone, let alone when trying to play a sport.

Aside from the nightly Aspirin, there are some other techniques that will keep you limber and healthy while on the road.

Introducing the muscle toothbrush:

Similar to foam rolling, muscle rolling compresses soft tissue and muscle fibers against the bones underneath and is categorized as a petrissage movement. You grasp the roller on both ends and move it laterally across your sore and cramped muscles, and the “muscle toothbrush” releases the built up lactic acid. The IT bands and calves get especially tight after a lacrosse game, and the toothbrush is a great way to speed up your recovery.

Kinesio tape is another tool used by professional atheletes, weekend runners and everyone in between.

It alleviates stress on the muscles by lifting and supporting the skin over which it is taped (you can see it in use two pictures above). I had never heard of kinesio tape before playing lacrosse at Texas, but this little-known tool can go a long way in supporting weak joints and helping rehabilitate injuries.

Going on the road can be an impediment to any training regime, but with a little resourcefulness and ingenuity you can go a long way in helping yourself out.

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  1. Wow. I’m currently in the middle of a 2-day football tournament and I’m already really sore! I’m gonna check out the band. Thanks for the awesome advice!


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