Anyone up for a game of polo?

Thoroughbreds and popped collars are not necessary. I’m not talking about the archaic game of yesteryear’s monarchs, but the new game sweeping the cycling nation: bike polo.

Taken from TrendLand via a Creative Commons license.

Bike polo is a young sport compared to its equestrian relative. Teams face off on a hard-surfaced court, say, a basketball blacktop or tennis courts, and attempt to move the ball using a variety of DIY-constructed mallets into the opposing side’s goal (no more than a pair of rocks or traffic cones, usually).

It can be a dangerous game, but don’t let the possibility of bodily harm turn you away– that’s part of the fun. And unlike real polo, if you fall, you won’t get crushed by a one-ton animal, only the 10- to 15-pound frame of your bike.

Games begin with “1, 2, 3… POLO!” as each team of three rushes to reach the small plastic ball at mid-court. The contests usually end when both sides get tired, or the sun sets.

Bike polo is said to have originated in India during the early 20th-century as a way for British officers overseas to practice their polo skills. Now it’s evolved into a sport all its own with growing interest in cycling-heavy cities around the country.

Austin’s bike polo scene is still a nascent one, but there’s a blog dedicated just to hard-court bike polo in the City if you’re interested in helping it grow. Or you can head over to the courts on the southside at 4500 Manchaca (map) for games on Tues. & Thurs. during the week.

1, 2, 3… POLO!

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  1. Wow, that sounds really dangerous. If you fall, you won’t have a heavy horse on top of you, but the concrete will peel your skin up. That sounds like a thrill I’d rather watch from the sidelines! Kudos to those brave enough to play.


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