Weather: Exercising in the rain

When starting a workout regimen it is essential to establish a routine. Whether you’re running seven miles every morning or doing 10 push-ups before bed, it is virtually impossible to reach any long-term fitness goals without having some type of routine.

My new routine is going for a morning run three times a week. Unfortunately, Monday morning I discovered I can only control so much of the routine. I set extra alarm and left my sneakers right next to the bed, but despite my planning, I let one factor negate it all

The operative words in the previous sentence are “I let.” There is no reason the rain should have prevented me from running. It was only sprinkling so I wouldn’t be putting myself at risk for pneumonia or even a cold. It was about 60 degrees out so I would have been comfortable even with the added coldness of being wet. I have a bright yellow jacket that makes me visible to cars, and my tennis shoes have good traction, so slipping wouldn’t be very much of an issue.In short, I should have gone. Now my schedule is all kinds of thrown off, just because I convinced myself not to go.

Obviously common sense applies and you should never sacrifice your safety just to adhere to a schedule. In my case, however, I was looking for any excuse to not work out, and found one in the weather. Anybody who is starting an exercise regimen  must be on high alert for these excuses, because if you want to find one you always will.

The next time it drizzles on a Monday morning, I may not be But I will be out there jogging.

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