The Longhorn Run

The first annual Longhorn Run is a great opportunity to stay fit and help the community.

The Longhorn Run is a charity race organized by the student government of UT. It is on Saturday May 1 and costs $25.00 to enter either a 2 or 6.2137119 mile run. Some people prefer to call the latter a 10K, but mixing units just confuses me. Serious runners can pay 30.00 to have their race timed.

Registering is incredibly easy.

The page also offers the option of registering for the Longhorn Run Sleep-In: No Running Necessary. Because it does not offer any further explanation, I figure it is either a large-scale sleep over the night before the race, which is just plain weird, or a way to donate to the cause while being able to sleep in (the run is at 9 am) and not actually run.

This is a great, tangible, way to get fit for summer. Many people, myself included, need specific benchmarks to keep up with an exercise regiment  A 10K is a perfect option for those who run for recreation and fitness but don’t want to do anything as intense as marathon running. Because the race is two months away, there is plenty of time to start training and be in shape for it. There will also be FREE weekly training sessions by RunTex, part of Recsports. I will post the link once I can find it.

As if you need more incentives, the race concludes inside DKR!!!

Happy running.

*from the official Facebook event.

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  1. I have a metric ton of friends involved with this, so I do not think I have much of a choice in the matter when it comes to participating. I have a feeling this is going to be massive. Find a group to go with!


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