A fun-filled weekend

Well, it’s March, which pretty much means spring is here in Central Texas to stay. If you’d like to get out this weekend, I’ve put together a short list of some events that you might enjoy (although the weather forecast is iffy).

  • First there’s the Terra Firma Eco-Lonestar adventure race on in Johnson City this Saturday. It’s a 2-4 hour race that involves running, biking and “mystery events.” Yes, mystery events. It has a start time of 7 a.m. and reminds me of the Tough Guy Race in the U.K with its ultra-utilitarian vibes. There’s an ‘Extreme’ version as well that requires participants to bring their own mountain bikes and watercraft, but it’s too late to register for that portion.
  • There’s another “alternative” race on Saturday. Head over here to register for the 2010 Urban Dare Austin race. Teams of two compete for a chance to win $500. It starts at noon at Mother Egen’s Pub (big plus) and spans 5 miles downtown with physical and mental challenges that must be completed in order to continue. Registration begins at 11 a.m.
  • For the cyclist in your family, there’s a ton of rides this weekend. Mellow Johnny’s has a pair on Saturday, one for mountain bikers and one for road cyclists, but my favorite ride this weekend is Sunday’s Fixie Ride because of its proximity to the UT campus and leisurely pace. Oh yeah, like the Urban Dare race, the fixie ride also starts at a bar (just a coincidence, I promise).

Austin is an active city and the aforementioned events don’t come close to spanning all of the wonderful activities offered this weekend. Try out one of the above or just make your own fun– Town Lake has looked awfully lonely without you recently.

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