Running events in Austin

Running by yourself or with a friend is cool, but there’s something invigorating about running with a crowd. Austin and the surrounding area seems to always have a running or walking event on any given weekend. The proceeds of most go to various local charities, so why not save the world and get some exercise at the same time? The quickest way to find events is through RunTex, a local running store. They keep a thorough list of what seems like every running project in Texas. Events range from one-mile dashes and 5K walk/runs to 10K walk/runs and half marathons.

I plan to run the Statesman Capitol 10,000 on April 11, which is 6.2 miles winding through downtown Austin and ending on Auditorium Shores. The race benefits Meals on Wheels. In its 33rd year, it is the largest 10k in Texas and the fifth largest in the nation, the event Web site says. According to the Web site, the event drew more than 18,000 participants in 2009. It has grown a lot since its humble beginnings in 1978, when only 3,400 people showed up for its inaugural run.

Here is the original route map from 1978:

This 2010 race route map is also posted on the Cap 10k Web site.

If you want to challenge yourself (or just get out of the apartment and show off your new burnt orange Nike shorts), check out the list of events and sign up today. Choose by location, distance, charity or event theme, but take the plunge. It will be worth it, and even if you end up huffing and puffing, vowing to never do it again, at least you will have gotten exercise. And a T-shirt.

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  1. […] to run together in this year’s Statesman Capitol 10K (discussed by Hannah in a previous post). In order to train, we started slow, running from Auditorium Shores to the Lamar Bridge and back, […]


  2. I can’t tell you how easier it is to run when you’re not by yourself. It’s like a spotter in the weight room. It’s great to have someone pushing you but also great to have someone to share the joy of finishing the workout.


  3. […] by Will Anderson in Running. Leave a Comment In the process of training for this year’s Cap 10K, I’ve been getting into some speed training with one of my running friends. Speed training is […]


  4. […] other news… the Capitol 10k is this Sunday. It’s not too late to sign up! Forecast for […]


  5. […] a Comment That’s what my sister and I said as we approached the finish line of the 2010 Cap 10k. With the cool, misty weather and the sea of people surging along with us, 6.2 miles disappeared […]


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