Too busy to be active? NO EXCUSE!

This time of the semester, students get busy. Midterms are in full swing, organizations finish their fun recruitment activities and get down to business, and professors insist upon crowding our brain cells with as much information as possible before we exterminate them over spring break. Our brain cells, not professors. Those who work become so adept at jugging their schooling, activities, and job they should join a circus.

At this point in the year, my life becomes microscheduled and  being active sinks to the bottom of my to-do list, right between doing laundry and visiting the career center.

Ironically, when you don’t have time to work out is when you need to the most. This is why walking is ideal for those who are busy this time of year. Two of the most important things to do when stressed are having regular exercise and taking a break, and walking does both.

Walking throughout the day lets you stay active. Take my average day for example:

I start my day walking from my apartment on Speedway to the PCL- 1.1 Miles

Then I walk from the PCL to the CMA-.7 miles

After I am done with all of my classes in the CMA, I will walk to work- .5 miles

After work I will walk home- 1.1 miles.

So when I get home from work, I have walked 3.4 more miles than I would if I drove.

In addition to the physical benefits, walking has emotional ones too. Each trip takes about 15 minutes. That means I have 15 minutes between studying and class, and class and work, where I cannot work. Not rushing from place to place gives me time to transition and just take a mental break in between endeavors.

Finally, Austin passively- aggressively supports walkers by being such an atrocious place to drive. I don’t need to inform anybody about the congestion and glacial pace of Austin traffic, and multiply regular Austin traffic by about a million to get campus traffic.

Then, once you endure driving in Austin, you need to park in Austin. Driving in Austin is like a poem by Homer, you spend time and energy completing a task, you think you’re done and home free, only to realize you need to park and have a whole new set of problems.

Walking is an active way to relieve stress, all in exchange for not wasting gas and patience in Austin traffic.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I couldn’t agree more about using walks to take mental breaks in between daily activities. Sometimes a nice 5-10 min. walk is a perfect stress remedy.


  2. […] as Doug mentioned in a previous post, getting to campus can be about more than transportation— it can also be a chance to relax, […]


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