My Vegan Adventure: Pt I

Hello world. I’m writing from a hotel in Missouri as the Texas lacrosse team takes a two-game roadtrip up north. We lost to eleventh-ranked Colorado State 12-6 today but get a shot at No. 18 Lindenwood tomorrow.

Enough of that. Lately, a good friend/running partner of mine made the jump from long-time vegetarian to full-fledged vegan. She’s an avid runner and has a marathon in her sights, which led me to ask whether a vegan diet would affect her performance.

Little did I know how many world-class athletes are vegetarian/vegan. I recently spoke with Olympic gold medalist Garret Weber Gale and he told me that he consumes meat just two or thee times per week. He also keeps his dairy intake relatively low, another characteristic of vegan diets.

There are many more full vegan/vegetarian athletes. Here are some examples:

I found numerous other examples, mostly in endurance sports. I chose the above examples because they are sports that require much more short-burst strength. Just goes to show you how any lifestyle is sustainable on a vegetarian diet.

Stay tuned for more updates on my research into the vast world of veganism.

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